KT Advisory (or "KTA") is a business advisory firm that partners with its clients on fund raising, growth strategies and lead advisory services (M&A, JVs & strategic alliances). KTA also works with international businesses to implement their India market entry plans. The firm has developed a network of cooperation partners based across the Americas and Europe.


We approach each client opportunity with an entrepreneurial and a collaborative mindset. We focus on providing counsel to mid-sized businesses seeking growth capital. In doing so, we do not limit ourselves simply to a transactional role played by an investment banker. We believe that businesses often are unable to attract requisite interest from financial investors/ private equity funds because they embark on their roadshows before being transaction ready or do so without having a robust business plan or addressing critical housekeeping issues. This invariably results in funding delays or higher equity dilution. This is often the case with promoter managed businesses that do not have organization controls, corporate governance, business planning modules and/or management information systems favored by financial investors and private equity funds. KTA partners with such companies to get them 'transaction-ready' before commencing the fund raising process. During this time, we embed ourselves within the company and work with the shareholders and management on all business and legal aspects relevant to the transaction. Our efforts are focused towards ensuring a smooth closing process and achieving optimal business valuations for our clients.


In addition, KTA works with a diverse client base to provide Corporate strategy and India market entry services. There are numerous instances wherein established businesses, investors and family offices stand to gain enormously with our entrepreneurial approach and access to an actionable business network.


Broadly speaking, we partner with our clients as follows:

  • We support international businesses to make a sustained entry into the Indian market. We supplement the core strengths of our clients with a pointed knowledge of the regulatory and business environment in India. We partner with our clients in finding solutions and formulating strategies that are locally relevant and executable. We leverage on our transaction expertise to provide lead advisory services to our overseas clients (strategic alliances, joint ventures and acquisitions).
  • We work with hedge funds and other large investors making meaningful India investments but having a limited local presence. KTA provides Investment Management Services (or "IMS"). IMS allows them to have a virtual country manager on ground who is able to address their interests (in active consultation) with strategic partners, portfolio companies, regulatory bodies, JV and acquisition targets on a regular basis.
  • We engage with domestic business and family offices seeking strategic input and access to an international business network to guide them with overseas expansion and/or maximizing their domestic business performance and asset values.