We support international businesses to make a sustained entry into the Indian market. We supplement the core strengths of our clients with a pointed knowledge of the regulatory and business environment in India. We partner with our clients in finding solutions and formulating strategies that are locally relevant and executable.


We believe that entering a new market is a 5 stage process:

  1. Analyze market, define addressable opportunities
  2. Study investment rules and regulations
  3. Prepare a strategy roadmap "how to compete"
  4. Search for a domestic partner / vendor
  5. Incubate, select team, begin operations

We advise our clients on any or all of the above stages.

Why Seek External Help?

  • India growth story is well documented but its operating challenges are not fully understood.
  • India is a highly local / indigenized market, a country of distinct consumer tastes and preferences.
  • India is a fiercely competitive business environment and top management focus is essential.
  • Due to rapid growth, it is often difficult to identify and retain relevant talent at various levels.
  • Lack of reliable business data and information available in public domain.
  • Network dependent business environment with distinct customs and business practices.

Who will find our services helpful?

  • A Company or an Organization that has already decided to enter India but is wondering how to enter, what are current regulatory and legal requirements, which customer segment to target, where to start an office, whom to partner with or hire.
  • A Company or an Organization that is already present in India with a small / limited presence (may be a sales or a liaison office) and needs help expanding the business multi-fold.
  • A Company or an Organization that is evaluating entering India and is in the process of estimating addressable market and ROI.