KTA has delivered financial advisory and corporate strategy assignments across a diverse industry set. We have successfully raised growth capital, developed corporate strategy and managed large businesses across India, USA and Europe. A select few of our projects are listed below:


  • Developed business strategy for a Fortune 500 industrials company to consolidate position in India. Subsequently, developed an implementation plan to action out suggested business model.
  • Led the fund raising initiatives of a mid-sized North India based plastics processing company. Secured Rs.100 Crore investment by a leading Private Equity fund.
  • Leading the strategy and fund raising initiatives of a mid-sized North India based Power & Energy Company. Expected deal size Rs.50 Crores.
  • Exceeded expectations of a business group in concluding a health care deal in North India.
  • Provided acquisition support to a beverage client. Evaluated targets and built the financial models.
  • Analysed and addressed the loss position of a large US freight forwarding operation in the LATAM tradelane. Impacted an US$8 Mio increase in bottom line by formulating a profitability analysis tool allowing sales force to focus on customer types, renegotiating contracts with key vendors and implementing standard processes to increasing productivity.
  • Valued intangibles of a chemical manufacturer for a purchase price allocation. Effected significant tax savings.
  • Led a team to improve operational efficiency in the largest US vertical (O&G) of a logistics firm. Analysed and interpreted data across departments leading to a cross-departmental restructuring with 12% productivity increase.