KT Advisory (or "KTA") is a business advisory firm that partners with its clients on fund raising, growth strategies and lead advisory services (M&A, JVs & strategic alliances). KTA also works with international businesses to implement their India market entry plans. The firm has developed a network of cooperation partners based across the Americas and Europe.


Typical projects entrusted to us are mentioned below.

Fund Raising : Private equity


Client : Promoter and/or Majority shareholders

Revenues : Rs.100 Crores to Rs.1500 Crores

Sector(s) : FMCG / Building products / Auto components / Power & Energy / Textiles & Apparell etc.


Background : The Company has grown at a CAGR of 15%+ over the last 3 years and enjoys a good brand perception. The business is at an inflexion point and can continue a high growth trajectory in the medium term provided increased investments in manufacturing, branding and organization.


Project : The shareholders are seeking growth capital from private equity funds and/or other financial investors.


Fund Raising: Structured finance


Client : Promoter and/or Majority shareholders


Revenues : Rs.50 Crores to Rs.500 Crores


Sector(s) : Sector agnostic


Background : The business is profitable and has witnessed consistent growth and stable management. There is an opportunistic play given changes in industry dynamics which requires increased spend in plant infrastructure and distribution. The Company has exhausted its limits from the banks and the promoters are not keen for any equity dilution.


Project : The management is looking to raise structured debt to complete proposed expansion.


Corporate strategy


Client : Executive Board / CEO – Asia Pacific Region Revenues: US$ 250 Mio to US$ 5 Billion


Sector(s): Sector agnostic


Background : A Fortune 500 Company operating in India for over 5 years has gained consistent market share. The Regional Board has decided to increase the stakes in India to catch up to its major global competitor that enjoys 4x its current India market share.


Project : The Regional Board needs to evaluate all options to get a significant boost in market share by internal growth as well as acquisitions.


Venture capital


Client : Start-up business


Revenues : 0 to Rs.10 Crores


Sector(s) : E-commerce/ Financial Services/ Healthcare / Education etc.


Background : The founders have have raised seed funding and have developed a prototype or established a business model alongside hiring a small but effective team. The founders require multiple rounds of funding to fully commercialize their ideas and are not at all familiar with the process of fund raising viz. identifying investors, determining valuations, negotiating term sheets etc.


Project : The founders need advise and insights on its business model and investor concerns during the fund raising process to ensure minimum equity dilution.


India market entry


Client : Multinational Corporation


Revenues : US$ 100 Mio to US$ 5 Billion


Sector(s) : Medical devices/ Industrials / Luxury / White Goods etc.


Background : An MNC that has decided to enter the India market is in the process of finalizing its entry plans. It is reviewing the investment regulations and competitive landscape and debating the merits of entering into a joint venture or a strategic alliance with domestic companies.


Project : The MNC is seeking counsel from a firm that can work closely with the global team to address their interests (in active consultation) with strategic partners, regulatory bodies, banks and financiers, JV and acquisition targets on a regular basis.